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Human IO: Deaths Essential Theory


Published May 8th 2014
ISBN : 9781463343217
168 pages
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 About the Book 

The Mega Fear affects us all. We fear the unknown, but more so to the unique and indubitable great certainty: Death, which necessarily has to happen someday. When? How? How to face it? Why if it is a Natural question? It seems not to be at all! Does the unconscious fear to Death affects- human behavior? In which ways? Do the Organic origins as a cause of the Current World Chaos? These questions form at the heart of the refl ections that the author is inviting us to share. In plain and direct language IO tackles the current problems that threaten our species permanence on this errant ship in the universes immeasurable vastness and which we call Earth. The concentration of people in absurd and chaotic megalopolis, the massive pollution in various forms, climate change, the increasing violence in the world, the omnipresent nuclear threat, the unemployment increase and poverty, the lack of respect for Mother Nature, the growing economic and social inequality that covers the planet. In short, the human species lives an unprecedented historic moment that urgently needs and in which we all should participate. IO, concerned about the current world situation gives the alarm voice, calls us to be conscious, to refl ect together and to act as a consequence, unitarily. Lets get involved and commit to action NOW! Because we cant waste time anymore. Each and every one of us travel in the same boat in which Humanity is on the verge of collapse. Anton-io