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Flipping Out (Lomax & Biggs, #3) Marshall Karp

Flipping Out (Lomax & Biggs, #3)

Marshall Karp

Kindle Edition
320 pages
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 About the Book 

Nora Bannister is a bestselling mystery novelist who buys run-down houses in LA. While her business partners turn the house into a showpiece, Nora makes it the scene of a grisly murder in her House To Die For series. As soon as the new book goes on sale, so does the house — and the bidding frenzy begins.  It seems a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money to live in a real house where a fictional character has died a violent death.Just before Nora’s latest book hits the market, one of her house-flipping partners is murdered.  LAPD Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are assigned the case, but this one is a hot potato – the dead woman is also the wife of one of their fellow cops. As Mike and Terry dig into the victim’s private life, more bodies turn up . . .Is someone stalking the house flippers or is the murderer after cops’ wives?  Either way, Mike and Terry have to track down the killer before he murders his next logical target — Marilyn Biggs, Terry’s wife.