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The Laughter Trap Judson Philips

The Laughter Trap

Judson Philips

Published 1973
Mass Market Paperback
188 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Peter Styles lost his right leg and his father when two men driving a dark sedan forced his car off the narrow mauntain road. The last thing Peter remembered was a maniacal laugh. A year later, Peter returned to the ski resort where the accident happened to seek the unknown killers. But the night he arrived, he heard the same mad laugh again, and two girl from the resort are killed...The book is amazing. I really liked how Philips built the plot, filling it with the constant tension and suspect and making me wonder what happens next. I also like the philosophic ideas of the book about the senseless violence in our life and its origins.The characters are just great. Peter Styles is an ideal example of honesty, strong will and determination, who is willing to stop the murderers from killing people. Jim Trenter, who is narrating the story, is also a likable character. Actually, all the characters have complicated personalities, even the girls killed at the very beginning.I highly reccomend Laughing Trap to everyone who loves detectives.